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Wikipedia received a second warning about blocking from Roskomnadzor

The administration of the Russian-language section of Wikipedia received a second message from Roskomnadzor about the need to block the article “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine”. This is required by the prosecutor general’s Office of the occupiers.

The warning from Roskomnadzor clarifies that the article distributes “unreliable socially significant information that is distributed under the guise of reliable reports” regarding the conduct of “a special military operation to protect the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s republics for the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine.

Recall that this is what Russia calls a treacherous invasion of Ukraine, brutal murders of people, destruction of cities, bombing of civilians and infrastructure that has nothing to do with military facilities.

Threat of blocking Wikipedia

Roskomnadzor warns that if Wikipedia does not take measures to restrict access to this material, the internet resource may well “apply technical measures”. In simple words, Roskomnadzor once again threatens Wikipedia with blocking.

This is not the first message from Roskomnadzor to Wikipedia. The agency threatens to block the site from March 1. Earlier, at the request of the prosecutor general’s office, access to several media outlets restricted in Russia.

How Russians are attempting to protect themselves

Only in the period from February 28 to March 15, Russian users downloaded the Kiwix application, which allows you to read Wikipedia offline, on average more than 7 thousand times a day, while throughout 2021 no more than 100 daily downloads recorded.

This was stated by a representative of the Swiss organization Kiwix Association. It also noted that the share of Russian visitors to the Kiwix website increased from 2-4% in January to 30-40% at the end of February.

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