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WhatsApp will get an important privacy feature that everyone has been waiting for

WhatsApp Messenger will soon get another useful feature. Users will be able to restrict access to the status “Last visit”. In the latest version of the program for developers found information about this feature.

The latest beta version of WhatsApp is available for iOS and includes an option that allows the user to prevent certain contacts from seeing their status “Last visit”. The status “Last visit” provides information that allows you to guess whether the recipient has viewed the message.

How useful it will be

At this time, this feature can be turned off completely. The new option will allow users to select specific contacts that will not see your “Last Visit” status. At the same time, you will not be able to see information about recent visits to people in your exception list.

The beta also includes other privacy changes, including new controls for profile photos and the “About Me” section.

WhatsApp Messenger offers four levels of privacy by category:

  • “All”,
  • “My contacts”,
  • “No one”,
  • “My contacts except”.

In this way, you can hide all personal information for individuals so that they, like all strangers, cannot find out information about reading their message or get information about the latest activity. In this way, you can restrict at least a few hundred people from the address book, all of whom will lose access to personal private information.

Beta testing of the new WhatsApp update has already begun on both Android and iOS. A working version of this feature may be available as soon as possible.

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Source HT Tech 24tv