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What do the planes of Russian airlines arrested abroad look like (photo)

Seventy-eight planes of Russian airlines arrested at foreign airports due to US and EU sanctions. They were owned by foreign leasing companies and were outside Russia at the time of the restrictions imposed.

At least three airliners have arrested in the Lithuanian capital. One of them Boeing 737-800 used the Russian low-cost carrier “pobeda” from the group “Aeroflot”. Two other delayed boards are Airbus A321 from the Russian Red Wings fleet.

An Airbus A321 plane of the Russian airline Red Wings has been arrested at Vilnius airport

To remove the association with Russia, all the airline’s insignia and the Russian flag painted on the “pobeda” plane. Large inscriptions appeared on the fuselages of Red Wings planes stating that these boards were not owned by Russia, but by the American company BBAM US LP from San Francisco.

That preceded the detention of aircraft

The question is of course rhetorical, but we will still explain. The United States and the European Union have imposed sanctions on Russia’s civil aviation to bring the industry to a complete standstill. The reason for such actions was Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Before the war, most Russian air transportation of passengers made by Western-made American Boeing and European Airbus. For some reason, the Sukhoi Superjet 100, praised by Russian propaganda, was not popular with Russians due to the small number of seats, high fuel consumption and many shortcomings. Simply put, the plane is “raw”.

The sanctions also include a ban on the supply of spare parts to Russia and the disabling of Russian airlines’ access to technical documentation for foreign aircraft. The same Sukhoi Superjet 100 for half of the foreign components.

In addition, the United States has imposed sanctions on 100 aircraft of Russian airlines, which even prohibit their refueling at any airport in the world. As a result, it effectively stopped the flights of Russia’s two largest charter carriers – Azur Air and Nordwind. Other airlines forced to suspend flights abroad on foreign-made aircraft.

Without hesitation, the Russians appropriated about 400 aircraft from foreign lessors and declared them their own. It has already named in the West as the biggest aircraft theft in the history of aviation.

Furthermore, it became known that the world’s largest leasing company AerCap is suing Russia for stolen aircraft

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