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We are working on the launch of Etsy and Stripe in Ukraine

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine writes in the Telegram channel about the work on the launch of such services in Ukraine as Etsy and Stripe.

We continue to work to make international digital services accessible to Ukrainians. The Etsy marketplace, where you can buy or sell unique goods, and the international high-speed payment system Stripe are some of them.

We have already created petitions for both companies to launch their service for Ukrainians, and we are continuing negotiations with their management.

And we already have the following results:

  • The NBU and Visa joined the dialogue with the Stripe team. This means that the company’s entry into the Ukrainian market may accelerate.
  • Etsy is ready to consider opening a platform for Ukrainians.”

We will add that Etsy is a marketplace which is positioned as a platform for selling handmade products (or Handmade). Headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. The project was launched in 2005. The site was launched to bring offline craft markets online. The marketplace sells many products from private manufacturers in the squirrel category. The problem for Ukrainians is that this service has its own payment system ETSY PAYMENTS, from which it is not possible to withdraw funds to Ukrainian accounts. Also, from the beginning of 2022 it is not possible to register for the service from countries where ETSY PAYMENTS does not work.

Stripe is an international payment system that can be integrated into a website. That is, it is a service that allows online stores from any country where Stripe operates to integrate the system of payment and acceptance of payment cards. When this service will make it possible to withdraw funds to Ukrainian accounts, it will be just a crazy breakthrough for Ukrainian sellers, business, and entry into the international arena.

That is, if Etsy and Stripe start working in Ukraine, it will be a crazy export opportunity to sell Ukrainian goods and products to the whole civilized world.

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