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Vodafone expands Affordable Roaming to six more countries – 12 in total

On March 14, Vodafone added six more countries to its own offer of free-roaming packages for Ukrainians, including Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Slovakia.

Earlier, Poland, Moldova, Hungary, Romania, Germany, and the Czech Republic were included in the list of countries where Ukrainians are provided with free megabytes and roaming minutes. That is, from today Vodafone offers free internet and calls to Ukrainians in 12 different European countries.

The “Available roaming” service contains:

  • 400 MB of mobile internet
  • 60 minutes for incoming/outgoing calls to Ukraine and to numbers in the host country

After using the 400 MB service, the cost will be:

  • for subscription and contract clients: the first 100 MB – free, then UAH 50/100 MB (19 packages per day available)
  • for business clients: the first 200 MB – free, then 100 UAH / 200 MB (9 packages per day).

More about the “Available Roaming” service and the possibility of its connection – here.

Yesterday, the big three mobile operators expanded their national roaming service – subscribers can now use not only voice calls and SMS, but also mobile 2G/3G Internet at speeds up to 512 Kbps.

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