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Ukrainians have free access to paid applications Translator Guru and Scan Guru

Universe has provided free access to Ukrainians to two of its applications on the iOS platform. It is about applications for translating and copying documents.

Two previously paid programs, Translator Guru and Scan Guru, became available to Ukrainians free of charge. These are useful tools that can help in many scenarios.

What is known about the program

Translator Guru supports more than 100 languages and translation with a camera that works like Google Lens – point the camera at foreign text and get real-time translation right on your smartphone screen.

In addition, the program has a built-in dictionary, phrasebook and translator-keyboard for messengers. The program is also available to work on the Apple Watch smartwatch.

Translator Guru / Screenshot

As for the Scan Guru program, this application helps to copy documents. With this application, you can:

  • scan
  • edit,
  • sign,
  • share any document in a convenient way.

The advantage of Scan Guru is that the application runs locally on the smartphone, ie it does not need Internet access. All files are also stored locally and not transferred to the cloud, which increases the security of your documents.

Scan Guru / Screenshot

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