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Ukrainian hackers have shut down five Belarusian sites: irreparable damage has been done

The Ukrainian cyber warriors Bandera Hackers, which apparently were organized at the end of March 2022, have already shown the primary results: hacktivists have hacked five important Belarusian sites.

Hacked sites are currently down. In addition, messages calling for war against Ukraine posted on one of them.

What is known

Among the goals of Bandera Hackers are:

  • National Center for Marketing and Pricing (NCMCC).
  • Certification Center of the NCMCC,
  • Public procurement,
  • Icetrade,
  • Export information support portal,
  • Furthermore, domestic resources of public procurement and bidding.

According to the hackers themselves in their Twitter, they destroyed 50 terabytes of information. Backups that would allow data recovery have also “disappeared”. This means that the deleted information lost forever.

”Denationalized“ public procurement databases, software, EDS files, documents (50 terabytes of information). Shelling of Ukrainian cities pushes Belarus back to the age of paper mail.

The Belarusian telegram channel MotolkoPomohy also reports that the hackers managed to gain access to bank accounts, telephone numbers, positions, addresses, electronic signatures, document scans and software.

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