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There were 17 flares on the Sun: scientists warn of magnetic storms

Researchers have recorded 17 solar flares from a single spot on The Sun recently. We tell you what to expect for humanity.

On Earth, auroras will be observed in the corresponding territories. In other parts of the world, there may be interruptions in communication and failures in the operation of satellite systems.

What is known

  • The solar flares caused by an overactive sunspot called AR2975, which has been generating flares since Monday, March 28.
  • As a result of these flares, at least two, and possibly three, streams of solar particles went to Earth.
  • The first one will arrive today, on Thursday, and at least another one expected on Friday, April 1.
  • Simulations suggest that the particles can generate geomagnetic storms of the G2 or G3 level (moderate), although auroras are quite difficult to predict.

2022 expected to be a relatively calm year for The Sun as a whole, as we are still at the beginning of an 11-year cycle of solar activity that began in December 2019. There are usually fewer such outbreaks at the beginning of the cycle. Activity should increase as it approaches the maximum, which is projected to fall in mid-2025.

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