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The number of DDoS attacks on Russian companies has increased 8 times

In March, the number of DDoS attacks on Russian companies increased eightfold compared to February 2022. The average duration of attacks has also increased – from 12 minutes in February-March last year to 29.5 hours in the same period this year.

According to a study by Russia’s Kaspersky Lab, the record-breaking DDoS attack lasted 145 hours (over 6 days). It known that the majority of attacks were on financial institutions (35%), government agencies (33%) and educational institutions (9%). The media (3%) and other areas (20%) were also affected.

Russia deservedly suffers from hacker attacks

Kaspersky Lab noted that the number of attacks reached record highs in the last quarter of last year, but that level was incompatible with current threats.

Experts noted that the so-called non-professional hacktivists took an active part in the attacks on some grounds. Over time, their numbers decreased, but the attacks themselves became more powerful, longer and well-prepared.

According to the Ministry of Culture, the figures for government agencies are even worse: the number of attacks has increased tenfold compared to 2021, and the main goal of hackers were attempts to disrupt the efficiency and availability of resources.

The Ukrainian IT Army is working

It will be recalled that the Ukrainian IT Army created by the Ministry of Culture in the first days of Russia’s attacks on Ukraine have achieved significant success by constantly blocking the work of various important resources of the occupier. They are being helped by other groups of hackers, such as the decentralized group Anonymous, which regularly strikes hard at Russian agencies.

  • So, recently, Anonymous hacked and stole 28 gigabytes of data from the website of the Central Bank of Russia. Valuable information has already published online, and journalists and investigators have begun to study it.
  • Hackers also hacked Rosaviatsia databases and destroyed more than 65 terabytes of information. As a result of the attack, the agency forced to return to paperwork. The situation also exacerbated by the fact that Rosaviatsia, as it turned out, ignored a significant rule and did not copy important information.
  • In addition, Anonymous discovered and published on the Internet an order of the Russian Ministry of Defense to prepare fakes about the alleged ill-treatment of Russian prisoners of war by the Ukrainian military.

Well-known hackers also hacked propaganda TV and stole 870 gigabytes of data.

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