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The National Bank of Ukraine launched a website about the work of the financial system during the war

On March 31, the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) presented a special website “Financial Defense of Ukraine”, which collected all the necessary information on the peculiarities of the provision of financial services by banks and non-bank financial institutions during the war. The site also collects the main questions that now arise in consumers of financial services, and comprehensive answers to them from the regulator.

On February 24, to ensure the reliable and stable functioning of the country’s financial system during the war, the National Bank changed the rules for providing certain financial services and introduced several administrative restrictions. Many other changes have taken place since then – and although the NBU’s press service informed about every innovation during the war, not everyone was able to follow these messages on the website and social networks. Therefore, in addition to the convenience of Ukrainians, the regulator decided to gather all the information about the latest changes in the financial services market in one place.

The site consists of seven main sections: hryvnia, foreign currency, cards, loans, deposits, insurance, fraud, and one additional, which collects questions on the provision of other financial services.

On the site you can learn, in particular, about the limits on transactions with foreign and national currency during martial law in Ukraine, the purchase and sale of foreign currency, the export of valuables abroad. You can also learn about alternative methods of withdrawing cash hryvnia and get information on how to reissue a payment card, what to do with the loan if you cannot pay it, whether you can withdraw the deposit, how to protect yourself from payment fraud, whether you can get payments for insurance how bank branches work and more.

The site also has built-in buttons for quick transfers of funds supporting the Ukrainian army and citizens affected by Russian aggression – earlier, the National Bank opened special accounts for crediting funds.

The information collected on the Financial Defense of Ukraine website will be useful both for citizens staying in Ukraine and for Ukrainians temporarily relocated abroad.

What has changed for citizens in the foreign exchange market since the war?

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