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The Microsoft Edge browser will receive a built-in VPN based on Cloudflare

Microsoft is testing a VPN-like service for its Edge browser. The support page on the official Microsoft website details a feature called Microsoft Edge Secure Network that will encrypt data and prevent online tracking. It is not yet available.

Microsoft Edge Secure Network is similar to Cloudflare It is essentially a proxy or VPN service that encrypts viewing data, including the user’s ISP, and keeps the privacy of the location. Therefore, you can access geographically restricted websites or content blocked in the user’s country.

To use Microsoft Edge Secure Network, you must have a Microsoft account because the browser tracks the amount of data that is transferred. The user will receive only 1 GB for free. Cloudflare itself does not store personal user data, and any information related to browsing sessions is deleted every 25 hours. Data-related information is removed at the end of each month.

Users of Dev or Canary are more likely to be the first to access Microsoft Edge Secure Network.

Microsoft Edge is not the first browser to offer a VPN. Opera is free, and Mozilla launched a paid VPN service in 2020.

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Source ITC
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