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The leader of the hackers LAPSU$, which broke Samsung and Microsoft, was a 16-year-old

LAPSU$ hackers actively talked about in February 2022, when they hacked Nvidia. The next victim was Samsung – stolen internal data and software source code for Galaxy smartphones.

The arrest of the head of LAPSU$, known by the nicknames “White” and “Breachbase”, took place in London, according to British law enforcement agencies. In addition to him, seven other people, aged 16 to 21, were exposed.

What is known

  • The leader of the hacker gang arrested by the police a year before his arrest – he badly destroyed traces of his activities, as well as provided his contact details on various websites.
  • Law enforcement officers managed to expose him on one of the hacking forums after a conflict with partners – they themselves revealed his name, photo, and address.
  • It noted that the hacker was able to earn 300 bitcoins during his career, which today is more than $14 million.
  • The parents of the 16-year-old said they never suspected their son of such hobbies. They thought he just loved online games. At the same time, the parents understood that their son was excellent at computers.
  • It has known that the detainee is studying at a special educational institution in Oxford.

The other seven participants in the case, allegedly related to LAPSU$, were initially arrested but later released during the investigation. No real names called. Another possible member of the hacker group is a teenager from Brazil.

LAPSU$: what is known

  • In early March, Samsung said the hacker attack affected parts of its source code, but not the personal data of customers or employees of the South Korean company.
  • According to the hackers themselves, they managed to steal the source code of all Trusted Apples that were installed in the Samsung TrustZone environment, algorithms for all biometric unlocking operations, the source code of the new Samsung device bootloader, Qualcomm source code and more.
  • At the end of February 2022, they also hacked Nvidia, and in March boasted of a successful hack of Microsoft.

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