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Tesla bat caught fire a month after the accident (video)

Electric car fires, especially those that have been involved in road accidents, are not uncommon. However, in California, USA, there was a rather extraordinary case: a battered Tesla broke out not immediately after the accident, but almost a month later.

The circumstances of the incident were revealed by Carscoops. The Sacramento Fire Department received a call that the electric car (according to the footage, it was a Model S) was in a landfill three weeks after the accident, not related to fire or battery damage (!), Suddenly caught fire.

Firefighters arrived at the scene and extinguished the car, however, as is the case with ‘trains’, it took a long time to put out the fire. In this case, – a little more than an hour. The fire still affected the battery, so to stop its smoldering, rescuers had to dig a small hole, fill it with water and put there an electric car (this is a standard worldwide technique for extinguishing electric vehicles in such situations).

It is obvious in this case that the battery of the electric car was still damaged, or it was hit unsuccessfully during transportation to the cemetery. The latter option is quite possible: they could turn a blind eye to accuracy because Tesla still had to be disposed of.

The exact causes of the fire, however, should be clarified to the investigation. On the positive side, there were no casualties.

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Source nextcar
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