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Telegram users can now exchange Toncoin cryptocurrency directly in the messenger

A new feature related to cryptocurrency has appeared in the popular Telegram messenger. We are talking about the possibility of transferring cryptocurrency Toncoin directly in the chats of this service. The option is based on the TON blockchain, at the origins of which stood Pavlo Durov, one of the authors of Telegram.

To use the new feature, you need to add the Wallet Telegram bot, which acts as a cryptocurrency wallet and allows you to “buy cryptocurrency with a bank card, as well as exchange and transfer it to other wallets.” According to available data, transactions using Toncoin in Telegram are carried out without commission. To use the new feature, simply call the crypto wallet from the chat attachments menu and enter the amount of Toncoin that you want to transfer to another user. After that, it remains to confirm the shipment and the cryptocurrency will be transferred to the recipient.

It will be recalled that The Open Network (TON), on the basis of which the cryptocurrency Toncoin was created, is a third-generation blockchain Proof-of-Stake. It was developed by the Durov brothers in 2018 and later transferred to the open TON community, which continues to develop the project. Telegram refused to further develop TON because the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) prevented the launch of its own cryptocurrency company called Gram. Nevertheless, the TON blockchain continues to grow.

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Source theverge
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