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Russian sellers complain about the shortage of computer components: how bad everything is

Russia’s propaganda media are well known for their practice of silencing the scale of the catastrophes in which their country finds itself. But even they already admit that the market is facing problems.

Currently, the source writes about the shortage of processors and hard drives. In addition, in two months in a country whose politicians continue to say that sanctions are “only in their favor”, many large outlets have closed and others have risen sharply.

On the verge of collapse

  • Vendors and experts explain this primarily by the difficulties in logistics and the almost complete absence of imports.
  • At the same time, they are convinced that the situation can be corrected by the government’s permission for parallel (gray) imports.

There is a shortage of computers, and it is quite noticeable. It is impossible to say that they are available,” – said one expert.

The decline in the purchasing power of Russians also contributes. Retailers’ pricing policies are now “biting”: some retailers have begun to make four or five times the markup on their products.

  • Processors became more expensive the most: in March, prices doubled compared to February.
  • Video cards added 80 percent per month.
  • Motherboards and SSDs – 40 percent.
  • RAM and cooling systems have risen in price by 30 percent.
  • The cost of power supplies for the month increased by 25%.
  • Buildings – by 20%.

The situation is not saved even by some reduction in prices after adjusting the ruble. Russia is artificially keeping the exchange rate stable so that the remnants of its economy do not fall apart.

According to the source, modern games with medium settings require a computer collected for at least 100 thousand rubles – almost 42 thousand hryvnias at the current exchange rate. And about half of these costs are on the video card.

Other sanctions against Russia:

  • The occupier’s electronics were hit hard by the ban on the sale of lithium, which is the basis of many technologies and technological processes. In particular, it is widely used in batteries.
  • Auto parts are also running out in Russia. Car owners in Russia are left without warranty repairs and are forced to agree to install used and non-original parts.
  • The book market is also suffering from problems: coated paper and paints have been sanctioned. New materials can be bought only in China, but the price of its products is 80-100 percent higher.

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Source 24tv
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