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Russian hackers have started attacking not only Ukrainian government agencies, but also EU countries

The government emergency response team of Ukraine CERT-UA under the State Special Communications Service received information that e-mails with links to dangerous RAR archives called “Assistance.rar” and “Necessary_military_assistance.rar” were sent to one of the Latvian state bodies. . Each of them contained malicious files-labels “List of necessary things for the provision of military humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.lnk”, “Providing military humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.lnk” allegedly about humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

The use of English in file titles and e-mail texts, as well as the fact that the letter was sent to a Latvian government body, clearly indicate UAC-0010 (Armageddon) attacks on government agencies in the European Union.

reported in CERT-UA

The same cybercriminals distributed harmful e-mails among the state authorities of Ukraine.

Ukrainian experts reminded that you should not open letters from unknown senders and follow any questionable links.

In November 2021, the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) established the names of all hackers of the Armageddon group, which at that time carried out more than five thousand cyberattacks on government agencies and critical infrastructure of Ukraine. They were Russian FSB officers from the Crimea.

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Source ITC
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