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Russia says goodbye to unlimited internet: local operators supported the recommendations of the Ministry of Digital Development

The Russian Ministry of digital development has sent a recommendation to mobile operators to turn off unlimited traffic consumption. This means the end of unlimited tariffs.

Now unlimited tariffs will have restrictions. The occupiers are taking this step to ensure the implementation of Putin’s decree “on measures to ensure socio-economic stability and protect the population in Russia.”

Russia vs the internet

The letter states the need for “proper functioning of communication networks in Russia, as well as the integral and sustainable functioning of the Russian communication infrastructure”, as well as ensuring a uniform load on the network.

In the face of external sanctions pressure and reduced availability of foreign equipment, it is necessary to find a balance in supporting and developing mobile networks. We take steps to use traffic wisely while maintaining the quality and availability of our core digital services and services, — write officials of the ministry.

Oddly enough, telecom operators, at least some, supported the decision, calling it rational: “in the conditions of objective difficulties with the supply of telecommunications and computing equipment, which can in a negative scenario lead to a decrease in the quality of communication services and a decrease in the stability of networks, the recommendation of the Ministry of digital development of Russia looks rational and timely,” said Vladimir Mesropyan, director of government relations at Megafon operator.

By the way. Earlier, it reported that the cost of telecom equipment in Russia increased by 40% due to the departure of Western vendors and the depreciation of the ruble and may grow by another 80%. In addition, failures in the work of Russian telecom operators predicted.

Approximately the same opinion expressed by the MTS operator: “in the current conditions, this is a rational solution that allows operators to have the necessary margin of safety even with a sharp increase in mobile internet consumption,” they said.

It seems that local bloggers who have already left without monetization on Western platforms will now be left without a normal internet. The opportunity to cry in front of an audience due to the closure of IKEA will be even less.

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