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Russia has legalized “gray” imports of equipment in the country

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin has signed a document allowing “the parallel import of certain electronic goods into Russia.” In other words, the government has allowed so-called “gray” imports of electronics.

This was reported by Channel 24 with reference to Russian propaganda media. In fact, now the authorities have allowed the import of equipment without obtaining permits from the right holder, manufacturer, or dealer.

Another signed document concerns the so-called parallel imports. The purpose of the mechanism is to meet the demand for goods that contain the results of intellectual activity. Until now, they could not be sold in our country without the permission of the owner, – said Mishustin.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation notes that the list will include products that are “necessary to saturate the consumer market.” But no specific categories of goods have named so far – they have yet to be formed.

Why is it Russia

Most likely, in this way, the occupier will attempt to compensate for the lack of products of those companies that left the Russian market after its attack on Ukraine. However, not everything is so simple with this next ingenious plan because in addition to “iron”, there is also a “software” side of the issue. At least, much equipment will simply not be able to receive security updates, if at all.

By the way, the moment with the lack of security updates opens up several interesting opportunities for hackers who have already learned to hack ordinary printers and print messages to the Russian people with their help.

In addition, it is not necessary to expect from Russia anything besides theft and incompetent copying of the achievements of civilization, which the occupying country itself is incapable of. Recently, for example, Russia reported that it planned to actually legalize “piracy”.

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