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Rogozin’s Chronicles: the head of Roscosmos decided to rename the capital of Japan to TikTokyo

If the news ends in the world, we will be able to write about Rogozin for a few more years. And he seems to have finally decided not to hold back. We say that the occupier’s politician invented this time.

Another “brilliant” idea of ​​Rogozin came to mind after Japan decided to change the spelling of the name of the Ukrainian capital. This was reported in Russia by the propaganda news agency TASS.

Kyiv, not Kiev in Japanese

  • According to Rogozin himself, quoting TASS, the spelling of the word “Kyiv” in Japanese has so far been based on the Russian version.
  • The word written in three characters of the katakana alphabet and was pronounced as “Kiefu”.
  • Now this word will be written and pronounced as “Kyiv” – two symbols of the katakana – based on the spelling and pronunciation in Ukrainian.
  • Apparently, the initiative belongs to the Ministry of Defense of Japan. It was the first to use a new name. In addition, the writing of “Kyiv” has already adopted by some major media.

Russia’s tough response

Dmytro Rohozin disliked it very much. In the best Russian traditions of “court showdowns”, he hastened to invent a nickname for the Japanese capital, Tokyo.

Noting the leading positions of the Japanese Ministry of Defense in imposing the most senseless sanctions, Roscosmos on all maps of remote sensing of the Earth will now call the Japanese capital Tokyo: “Tik-Tokyo”, – wrote a racist politician.

It is unfortunate that Russian politicians are more concerned about whose version other states form the name of Kyiv than whether their people have anything to eat.

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