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“Roaming at home”: Kyivstar cancels roaming tariffs in 9 European countries

From now on, Kyivstar subscribers who were forced to leave for one of the 9 European countries due to the war will be subject to the operator’s internal tariffs in roaming. That is, paying for their tariff plan as usual, subscribers will be able to use the package of services abroad without any additional charges.

Which countries

Among the countries where special conditions will be temporarily in force are Poland, Slovakia, Romania,
Hungary, Moldova, Germany, Italy, Lithuania and the Czech Republic.

What are the tariff plans

Kyivstar’s new initiative concerns subscription subscribers with current TVIY tariff plans and the latest ALL TOGETHER tariffs. New conditions will apply to business customers and contract subscribers for most tariff plans (the operator does not provide a specific list).


For subscribers and subscribers with ALL TOGETHER, provided payment for the service package, the standard terms of their tariff will apply. For example, within the Your Choice tariff, subscribers abroad will receive 15 GB of mobile Internet, unlimited calls to Kyivstar and all incoming calls, and 200 minutes for calls to numbers of other operators in Ukraine and in the host country. And all this for only 175 hryvnias or 5.5 euros.

Kyivstar business customers and contract subscribers will receive an expanded range of roaming services in most tariffs in addition to the basic tariff: 15 GB of mobile Internet, all unlimited incoming calls, 500 minutes for outgoing calls to Ukrainian numbers and numbers in the host country. , as well as 50 SMS. For them, too, will not be written off megabytes when using unlimited applications: messengers, online maps and other services.

Business customers with tariffs for IoT (for sensors, GPS-navigators, etc.) will be able to use them in roaming. To achieve this, they will be charged a package of megabytes per month.

How to order a service for others

Subscription subscribers who use one of the old tariffs can switch to new offers in the My Kyivstar self-service application or apply for a tariff change via the short number 466 and on the operator’s website.

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