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Modular housing will be created for refugees in Lviv region under a UN project

Fundraising for the creation of hubs for refugees in the Lviv region launched by We Have the Forces Foundation and the LeoStates volunteer project.

Safe shelter for 500-1000, people involve the creation of separate modules for UN projects. In total, there will be from 100 to 250 houses with laundry, medical station, Wi-Fi and emergency room. Hub residents will have access to schools, kindergartens, and shops. Accommodation in the city will be free for migrants.

Modular houses are a furnished apartment of 15 m2 with electricity connection and a shower with a toilet. Up to four people can live in such houses, and the buildings themselves are quickly assembled, they are frost and heat-resistant. The cost of one module for four people is €10 thousand. The total cost of one hub is €3 million. Their service life is over 10 years.

Now, 24/7, we are agreeing on the final nuances of the manufacture and delivery of modules to the installation site. We call on entrepreneurs, organizations, and foundations to support our initiative, take part in financing and provide Ukrainians with warm and comfortable temporary housing.” — Ukrainian businessman Stanislav Lutskovych.

The transfer of land plots in Zhovkva and Mykolayiv, Lviv region, is being agreed upon.

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