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MacPaw has taught CleanMyMac X to detect suspicious programs owned or linked to developers in Russia and Belarus

The developers of MacPaw have released an update for CleanMyMac X, which allows you to find and remove programs of Russian and Belarusian origin on Macs to protect against potential cyber threats.

Since Russia started the war in Ukraine, the number of cyberattacks has increased several times. This has led the world to overestimate the true value of data security. To help users protect their personal information more effectively, the CleanMyMac team has added a new program category to the Uninstallation module – Suspicious.

New category – Suspicious

The Uninstall module in CleanMyMac X, which allows you to quickly uninstall installed applications with all related files, has received a new category – Suspicious.

In Uninstaller, installed programs grouped by category: for example, in the “Inactive” category, applications that have not opened for more than 6 months sorted, and in the “Developers” category, programs grouped by specific software developers.

The new category “Suspicious” shows and helps to remove programs owned or associated with developers in Russia and Belarus, where public authorities can gain unimpeded access to user data. MacPaw recently released a free SpyBuster application that identifies programs and sites that connect to servers in Russia and Russia. Now, similar functionality has added to CleanMyMac X.

How does the new feature work?

If any of the programs installed on your Mac developed in Russia or Belarus, CleanMyMac X identifies them as suspicious. To check if such programs installed on your computer:

  • Run CleanMyMac X
  • Go to the Uninstaller module
  • Find the Suspicious category in the side menu
  • Browse the programs in the category and select the ones you want to uninstall.

New blue-yellow theme 🇺🇦

Furthermore, the updated version of CleanMyMac X received an elegant blue-yellow theme, with folk Ukrainian ornaments. You can now switch between standard and blue-and-yellow application themes.

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