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Low-cost carriers Wizz Air and Ryanair resume flights from Ukraine

Low-cost carrier Wizz Air has resumed booking tickets for flights from Kyiv and Odessa to Europe. Tickets will be available from July. This is evidenced by the information on the company’s website.

In particular, the following destinations are available for booking: Poland, Latvia, Great Britain, Austria, UAE and other countries.

Bookings are available from Kyiv, both from Kyiv Airport (Zhulyany) and from Boryspil International Airport. But not in all directions. You can book a ticket from Zhulyany to Warsaw from July 4 for UAH 629. In Gdansk, you can get a reservation for 789 UAH, and in Katowice and Kraków – for 309 UAH from Kyiv. It will now be possible to get to Wrocław for UAH 569. Flights on the site are scheduled from July 5 every three to four days. At the same time, the planes that previously took off from Boryspil will now depart from Kyiv Airport.

At the same time, tickets for flights to cities such as Vienna (Austria) and Milan (Italy) have already sold out. You can also book a ticket to London from Kyiv for 1569 UAH. In Abu Dhabi (UAE) you can fly from “Boryspil” for 4089 UAH, but only in early November.

In addition, the low-cost carrier has opened a ticket booking from Odessa. You can fly from most directions – London, Bratislava, Budapest, Athens, Rome, Berlin. Prices range from 400 to 3000 UAH.

Another European low-cost carrier, the Irish airline Ryanair, is resuming flights from Kiev’s Boryspil airport. This was reported on the official website of the company.

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