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Japan will no longer supply cars to Russia – neither new nor used: new sanctions

In Japan, sanctions have come into force for the export of luxury goods to Russia. In particular, the supply of some cars, motorcycles, equipment for diving and skiing will be stopped.

The package of sanctions aimed at restricting the export of luxury items came into force on Tuesday. This was announced by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry of Japan. Channel 24 understood the details of the new restrictions.

What Russia has lost

The measures concern:

  • New and old cars cost more than 49 thousand dollars.
  • Motorcycles worth over 4.9 thousand dollars.
  • Pianos are more expensive than 1.6 thousand dollars.
  • Equipment for diving and skiing, hats (except protective helmets) cost more than $822.
  • The ban also applies to alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, jewelry, perfumes and cosmetics, which cost more than $326.
  • Restrictions also imposed on the export of marine engines, spare parts more than 10.6 thousand dollars, as well as automatic data processing devices worth more than 326 dollars.

The volume of Japanese goods imported into the occupying country in 2021 amounted to almost 7 billion dollars. More than half of this amount accounted for by cars and spare parts.

Japan’s individual sanctions have targeted more than 100 people, including officials, officials, and businessmen. The list of goods and technologies that are prohibited for export includes 300 items. In addition, Japan froze the assets of seven major banks.

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Source channel 24
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