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Information about open food establishments added to the “useful map” (Ukraine)

Two weeks ago, the Ukrainian company “Lun” created a map “useful map” ( with working branches of Novaya Pochta, pharmacies, gas stations, etc. But there were not enough food establishments on it.

To do this, the company for automating establishments Poster partnered with Lun. Now on the map, Ukrainians will be able to see which establishments have already resumed their work, and which are still closed.

It is very easy to add an establishment to the map. If you keep records in Poster: in the Poster admin panel, open the “LUN city” application; select which institution to add to the map and specify the exact address and opening hours; click Save and within 30 minutes the institution will appear on the map of Ukraine.

It is important that only working establishments are displayed on the map. Therefore, only those that have sales for the last 2 days will be displayed. To show the relevance of the institution’s work, answer the simple question “Do you work or not?».

If you don’t keep records on Poster, then launch the @LunAndPosterBot bot, enter the name of the establishment, opening hours, address, and send a geo-location. Within 30 minutes, your establishment will appear on the “useful map” map (

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