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In the United States, YouTuber was deprived of a pilot’s license for the video of the plane crash

Following the release of the YouTube video clip “I Crashed My Plane” by video blogger Trevor Jacob, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has decided to revoke his license and impose a fine.

In a video that has garnered nearly 2 million views since December 2021, Jacob parachutes from a training plane.

In the letter, the regulator wrote that the blogger “demonstrated a lack of caution and responsibility by deciding to jump off the plane,” and suspected Jacob of a deliberate plane crash.

The regulator adds that YouTuber did not try to restart the engine, contact the air traffic control service for support or find a place to land, despite such opportunities. The agency believes that he did not try to save the plane. The engine failure, which the blogger stated in the video, is also questioned. Jacob opened the door of the plane before the propeller slowed down, which may indicate a pre-planned accident.

Flying magazine further notes that Jacob does not usually carry a parachute during flights, but this time for some reason he wore one. However, the plane does not appear to be in excellent shape, and reports show that it was “in poor condition and in need of major repairs”, and Jacob tried to repair it himself. The plane is a vintage model from 1940, so it could well have had problems with the engine.

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