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In Japan, created a humanoid robot to work on the railway

In Japan, the unusual railway equipment of JR West, a railway platform with an integrated humanoid robot, was announced. The company hopes to increase productivity and safety by offering a universal solution for railway work.

In particular, the robot can perform various tasks when working with equipment installed at high altitudes and mechanize the work, which previously involved the direct participation of people on the site.

The novelty allows you to perform multifunctional interactive actions by synchronizing the actions of the robot and the operator who controls it, and the latter will receive feedback, for example – related to the weight of objects with which you have to interact.

The developers say that learning to work with the robot will be quite easy. This, for example, will allow you to interact with objects regardless of their shape, which can be used when working in different situations.

As a result, it is expected that the increase in productivity due to the use of a robot-like machine-transformer allows using 30% fewer workers, as well as avoid accidents, including electric shocks. Testing of the prototype will begin this month, and the start of sales and practical use is scheduled for summer 2024.

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Source westjr
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