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How Lviv IT cluster companies continue to work in war conditions: survey

Lviv IT-Cluster conducted a survey among community companies to understand how the war affected the industry. As part of the IT Research Monitoring Project, the cluster interviewed companies about working in the new environment. Read more about the survey results later in the article.

According to Channel 24, citing data from the Lviv IT-Cluster, the survey was conducted in the period from March 4 to March 7, 2022. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, several companies have faced relocation and employee mobilization, stepped up volunteering and support programs, and support business activity.

First, it is worth noting that the IT Research Monitoring Project is a short systematic survey of IT companies that are members of the Lviv IT-Cluster. Each survey focuses on a specific topic.

Resume workflows and collaborate with customers

Since the first day of a full-scale war, IT companies have focused their work in several areas:

  • relocate employees if they were located in cities where fighting is taking place;
  • maximum support for business process continuity;
  • communication with clients;
  • and support for the army.

As of the first week of March, 98.5% of the surveyed companies indicate that they are engaged in business activity. 48.4% of respondents indicated that the volume of business activity decreased due to the Russian offensive.

However, the indicator remains high for those who noted that the volume of work did not change after February 24 – this answer was given by 42.8% of companies.

Interestingly, 7.8% of respondents noted that business activity even increased during this period.

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