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Google has allocated $5 million in grants to support Ukrainian startups

Google has announced the creation of a special support fund for startups in Ukraine. This is provided by a new initiative called Google for Startups Ukraine Support Fund. Allocate $5 million for the creation of the Google Fund, and the fund itself will take over the distribution of cash grants among Ukrainian businesses in 2022.

Since the beginning of the war, Google has been actively helping Ukraine, mainly focusing on supporting refugees and combating misinformation. On March 29, Google CEO Sundar Pichai met with several Ukrainian entrepreneurs at the Google for Startups Campus in Warsaw to find out how to help the startup community in practice. Following the meeting, it was decided to create a special support fund for Ukrainian startups. This is a chance for Ukrainian business to receive funding by participating in a grant program. In addition, financial support is just one of the points.

Details of the program
Google’s $5 million support fund for Ukrainian startups will provide assistance to about 50 companies based in Ukraine in 2022. Additionally, Google Cloud will be allocated for each startup. Startups will also receive support from Google managers. The fund will be managed by Huge Thing.

These non-equity investments and practical support designed to help Ukrainian entrepreneurs support and develop their business, strengthen their community and build a foundation for post-war economic recovery.” — according to Google.

Conditions and criteria
Google has already started accepting applications on the program’s website using the following online form. All startups that meet the following criteria can be submitted:

There is also a FAQ section on the Google for Startups Ukraine Support Fund website, where you can find answers to all the main questions about the initiative.

Other Google help for Ukrainian business

In addition, Google has invited Ukrainian startups to use the Google for Startups Campus space in Warsaw as a temporary office. The first few startups, run mostly by women who have left the country, are already on campus. Which ones, not specified.

Google has previously allocated more than $35 million in in-kind funding and support. This includes support for people-centered organizations in Ukraine, such as Nova Ukraina and Fight for Right, as well as nonprofits that support refugees in border countries, such as the Polish Center for International Assistance, the Hungarian Interchurch Aid, the Romanian Red Cross and People in Need in Slovakia. In addition, Google has announced a new grant for refugees with disabilities, as well as a Fellowship grant from Tech to the Rescue, a young Polish non-profit organization that connects technology companies and volunteer experts with humanitarian organizations to help address technical needs. The Fellows team will be working free to help you build and expand your platform and efforts.

Ukraine has always distinguished by a strong and active ecosystem of startups. Since the beginning of 2021, 126 Ukrainian startups out of approximately 2,000 have been able to attract venture capital. Ukraine is holding on and winning the war, and such initiatives are now critical to the success and creation of the technologies that our country now requires. After the victory, the region will begin to recover, and startups and technology companies will be key to rebuilding Ukraine’s economy, creating jobs and making a positive impact on the cities that are their homes.

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