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German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is lying and manipulating aid to Ukraine

So far, Ukrainians are courageously fighting off Russian aggression, countries around the world are helping as much as they can: from accepting refugees to supplying weapons. Germany’s military-industrial complex (MIC), as one of the leading arms manufacturers in Europe, plays a crucial role in the second issue. It is able to provide a huge amount of “heavy weapons”, which Ukraine so desperately needs at this stage of the war.

Unfortunately, despite the industry’s willingness to work with Ukraine, progress seems to rest on Olaf Scholz’s reluctance to supply Ukraine with weapons that could change the course of the war.

Several IT volunteers conducted a fact-checking of the sequence of actions and statements of the German Chancellor.

It turns out a very interesting picture.

Here is a clear sequence of actions of Scholz from the first days of the war and literally until today:

1. On February 28, the German military-industrial complex (MIC) sends Scholz a list of industrial enterprises that can supply Ukraine with 48 pages. The list includes heavy weapons, including Panzerhaubitze (PzH) 2000 artillery systems and Leopard 2 tanks. German military leaders (Rheinmetall, Hendsoldt) say they have equipment and ammunition ready to be handed over.

Scholz does not provide this list to Ukraine.

2. 20.03 Scholz states that there are no weapons that could be supplied to Ukraine.

3. On March 30, Scholz handed over to Ukraine a list of available weapons, but already on 24 pages, not the initial 48, which includes only 3 of the 15 positions invited by Kyiv.

4. 01.04 The MIC proposes to transfer weapons at the disposal of the German Armed Forces. These are Marders, and replace them with Rheinmetall from those available in storage.

5. 03.04 Scholz states that the Marders are intended for NATO and their transfer must be agreed.

6. 06.04 Scholz claims that Ukraine will not be able to master Western weapons in the near future.

7. 11.04 The German military-industrial complex says that experienced Ukrainian soldiers can be taught to operate Leopard 1 in a few days. The Armed Forces agree. Rheinmetall says it can deliver the first tanks in 6 weeks and the remaining 50 units over the next 3 months.

8. 14.04 The German Federal Government claims that all NATO members have ruled out the possibility of supplying heavy weapons to Ukraine, and that some consensus is needed.

This is not true: the United States, Britain, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey, and the Czech Republic at that time have either already sent their arms supplies to Ukraine or have announced them.

9. 15.04 Scholz announces €2 billion support for the Armed Forces. Of these, Ukraine has the right to purchase weapons for only €1.2 billion of the total, €400 million for the European Peace Fund and another €400 million for other countries. But look how interesting: there are no timelines, weapons must be purchased in Germany, and every deal is agreed.

10. 19.04 EU and NATO leaders convene after Russia launches a new phase of the offensive. The United States, Britain and Canada announce new supplies of heavy weapons, mostly artillery, on the same day.

Scholz claims that Ukraine can get supplies from the old list.

11. The Ambassador of Ukraine states that Scholz has excluded all positions requested by Ukraine and that the list of heavy weapons requested by Ukraine is no longer on the list.

12. 20.04 The Netherlands declares that it will send German-made (???) artillery systems (item 1) PzH 2000, while Germany speaks only of its readiness to assist with training and maintenance.

– – –

Conclusion: Scholz is doing everything to avoid the supply of weapons to Ukraine, while creating the appearance of aid because the whole world sees how treacherously Russia attacked a European country and organized the genocide of Ukrainians. However, Scholz probably “hopes” for Ukraine’s loss and bet on Russia (or Putin promised him something because Scholz visited Russia on the eve of the Russian invasion of Ukraine). And it seems unlikely that Russia will start such a large-scale war without any guarantees from Germany as a longtime business partner. The only thing they did not predict was the fierce resistance of the Ukrainian people!

Ukraine still needs heavy weapons.

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