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Elon Musk: “We will be ready to produce Cybertruck in 2023”

The founder and CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, said that the program for launching the production of the Cybertruck electric SUV is reaching the finish line. Yes, I had to postpone the release date three times, but it was inevitable — the car is very different from everything that the global automotive industry produces. The development of the pickup truck, according to Musk, will be completed this year, and in 2023 its mass production will start.

During an event dedicated to the start of deliveries of the Model Y assembled at the Gigafactory in Berlin, one of the company’s employees asked Musk about Tesla’s short-term goals. In response, the head of the company said that this year Tesla will focus on increasing production capacity. First, the company focused on the two most affordable electric vehicles — the Model Y and Model 3, which are already produced in factories in the United States, China and Europe. Then Musk himself started talking about the Cybertruck, promising that the pickup truck from Tesla will appear on the market in 2023.

“We want to complete the development of the Cybertruck this year and be ready for production next year,” – the Tesla CEO explained.

As Electrek notes, when Tesla introduced the Cybertruck in 2019, Musk said that the first buyers will receive their pickups by the end of 2021. As this date approached, the automaker complained several times about problems with supply chains, after which it postponed the release of the car to 2022.

In September last year, reporting on Tesla’s financial results for the second quarter of 2021, Musk again postponed the launch of Cybertruck, citing the complexity of manufacturing a steel case, because of which Tesla had to order fundamentally new components for conveyors. At the same time, the entrepreneur called a new date — “the end of 2022”.

Apparently, in the preparation of Cybertruck for mass production, new issues arise that force Musk to shift the release of the car for the third time.

In addition to the SUV, Tesla is also working on designing a Roadster sports car, developing new batteries for Semi tractors, Semi itself, a new electric car that should be no more expensive than. 25 thousand, and new factories around the world. Musk intends to create in a few years capacities that will allow producing 20 million electric vehicles a year under the Tesla brand somewhere in the region of 2030-2035. Considering the fact that all the current plans of the company are capable of producing about 1.7 million cars a year for the redistribution of their capabilities, Musk needs to build at least 6 more plants and at least double the capacity of all existing ones. However, this is already happening in Shanghai.

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