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«‎DO NOT sponsor murder» – Ukraine launches international information campaign

Ukrainians continue to suffer from bullets of the invaders, purchased for taxes on Russian or Belarusian goods. Today, the Cabinet of Ministers, the Ministry of Digital Transformation, The Office for entrepreneurship and Export Development, Diia.Business, the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of foreign affairs have launched a new initiative — they are launching an international information campaign “Do not sponsor murder” to boycott the aggressor country and co-aggressor.

The main idea is to convince foreign businesses to refuse any cooperation with 🇷🇺 and 🇧🇾, receiving communication and financial benefits from this.

  • Today, russia is synonymous with the «murderer»
  • 128 children and thousands of peaceful Ukrainians were killed by the russian military during the first month of the war. Number of new civilian casualties continues to grow with each passing day of russia’s war crimes against the people of Ukraine
  • belarus is, in fact, a «passive co-organizer» of the war against Ukraine, as russian troops have been attacking Ukraine from its territories on a regular basis since February 24, 2022

At present, having any business ties with russia and belarus is a huge blow to the reputation of companies and de facto tacit support for the policy of the aggressor countries against Ukraine.

Ukrainian government institutions have launched an international information campaign DO NOT sponsor murder to help businesses boycott russian and belarusian goods and services.

The main idea of ​​the project is:

01 – to convey to foreign business the importance of boycotting russian and belarusian goods and services

02 – to contribute to the rapid and large-scale decline of the aggressor countries’ economies

03 – to replace russian and belarusian goods and services with goods and services of countries that oppose the war in Ukraine, or in support of Ukraine’s economy — with Ukrainian ones

Meanwhile, every day more and more global companies and brands are leaving the Russian market in solidarity with Ukraine. Declare your position, encourage the boycott of the aggressors’ business and support Ukraine. Together to victory!

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